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Avoiding Unlicensed Contractors & Tips On How To Deal With A Leaking Roof

For all of our happy residents in Danbury, here is another reminder of why you should be careful when deciding upon which contractor to use to help fix up your property.

It’s a real shame there are people out there who are willingly trying to defraud people out of their savings. There are even those who specifically target the elder generation. This is why it’s advisable to make sure you know who you’re working with and one of the best ways to do this is to check a contractors’ insurance and qualifications. Every contractor should be accredited by some roofing Association. Some of these include GAF, NRCA, Slate Roofing Association and so on. To find other associations in your area, simply do a search in Google.

Elderly Danbury Couple Scammed By Unlicensed Contractor: Police

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DANBURY, CT — A New York man was arrested last week for allegedly scamming an elderly couple out of a large sum of money. Police arrested Eriberto Colon, 33, of Holbrook, NY, on multiple charges after an investigation into a report by the victim’s son, who said his 90-year-old parents were being scammed on April 26. Colon did not have the proper permits from the state’s Department of Consumer Protection, permits to work on the house nor did he or his worker have licenses to perform the work, making the work a violation of state law, police say.

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Hopefully this hasn’t put our Danbury residents off too much in getting in touch with a local roofing contractor. We hasten to add there are of course many roofing contractors that are honest and hard working. If on the other hand you decide to go it alone and you would like some helpful information on how to repair your roof, you may find the following tips helpful.

DIY Tips To Repair The Rooftop Leakages

One of the most common issues with a damaged roof is leakage. Sometimes it can be difficult to ascertain where the leak is coming from. The following tips will help you with this process.

Usually, it’s difficult to find the source of roof leak as it instigates in another place from where the leak appears. In order to find the source of a leak and tips on how to fix it, follow Modi Builders Feedback for regular updates.

Water typically enters through damaged, cracked, or missing shingles; where nails have probably loosened; or through rusty or feebly sealed roof around vents, or chimneys or along the joints of roof planes.

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